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Cupaclad Natural Slate

Cupaclad 101 Logic Natural Slates

By Cupaclad

CUPACLAD is the perfect alternative for an efficient and sustainable cladding. Used since roman times, natural slate is long‐lived, remarkably durable, fire resistant and naturally waterproof. Its aesthetic and technical properties remain unaltered, keeping the elegance and character for much longer than any man made alternatives.

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Cupaclad 101 Random

By Cupaclad

It combines different slate sizes, creating a dynamic and unique design and features 20 X 10, 20 X 8 and 20 X 6 slates fitted horizontally with invisible fasteners

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Cupaclad 201 Vanguard

By Cupaclad

The main feature is the combination of big slates and stainless steel brackets giving as a result a clean combination of contemporary appeal and has 24 X 12 cms slates fitted horizontally with visible fixings.

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