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AerialBEST Drone Services for Specifiers and Building Analysis

   Safe, Cost Effective Alternative to Assess Your Building Envelope

SRP’s AerialBEST (Building Envelope Scanning & Thermography) program uses an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a high-definition (HD) and inter-changeable thermographic (infrared) camera to collect building envelope data. Our blanket SFOC from Transport Canada, allowing us to fly anywhere in Ontario, and our certified drone pilots makes our UAV services a viable, safe option for building envelope analysis.

There are many companies that offer drone services for photography but it is what happens behind the scene's that sets us apart. We turn images into specification data, 2D drawings, 3D models and architectural drawings. The secret is our team which hold backgrounds in architectural technology, civil engineering, and thermography.

SRP’s AerialBEST can provide a multitude of services: building/property imagery, building envelope analysis, 2D and 3D modeling, conceptual architecture imagery and thermal Imagery. All services start with our Drone Flight capturing hundreds of high resolution, geo-tagged photos. These photos are the foundation on which we build our 3D Point Cloud, 3D Revit Models (BIM), Orthomosaic Maps, and Digital Surface & Terrain Maps. We continually strive to provide unmatched data to our clients and consider ourselves ‘facilitators of knowledge’. Guide Specifications, details, current code listing and now imagery and point cloud data, are all pieces of information we gladly provide our clients to help them save time and money.

AerialBEST Drone Services

SRP AerialBest

Building Analysis

SRP AerialBest

Building Information Modeling

SRP AerialBest

Mapping & Surveying

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Drone Data and Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Accurate, scalable elevations and roof plans are created from the high resolution images and data captured by the drone on site. AerialBEST software pulls the GPS coordinated data points from the drone, places them in a virtual space and precisely reconstructs the external surface of existing site entities, leaving you with an accurately scaled and measurable 3D point cloud model. This point cloud data allows for accurate site measurements within the comfort of your office. BIM, Elevations and Roof plans can then be created in Revit and other 3D software for endless design possibilities.

UAV Building Analysis

UAV analysis are a fast, cost effective and safe method to gather information on building or infrastructure conditions. Our drone solution includes 4K high resolution images and video, which are used to produce scalable and accurate orthomosaic maps for a true overhead view of the target area. The quality of the images captured enables zooming for a closer look at points of interest.

The AerialBEST building analysis service provides data that can be easily compiled into reports and referenced in presentations to clients and consultants.

Surveying and Mapping - Aerial Topography Services

The drone data can also be used to create topographical digital surface/terrain maps and drawings. Contour lines are generated to show simplified elevation datum. These maps can be used in AutoCAD or Civil 3D software.

Working with AerialBEST Drone Services

Our services help you acquire data then produce models and specification drawings from that data. We also help you glean vital information and insights from data we gather.

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