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Pushing Envelope Performance on Building Projects

The building envelope is the primary factor determining the energy efficiency and internal environment of a building. The envelope which includes the roof, walls, fenestrations and floor helps maintain healthy and comfortable conditions for building occupants.

EnergySmart® Roofing

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Tried and tested sustainable roofing with proven performance in Ontario.

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Match your architectural vision with our high performance cladding products.

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The Importance of Building Envelopes in a Northern Climate

Separating Outdoor and Indoor Environments

A leaky facade allows air and humidity to freely move from the outside to the inside and can increase costs significantly for HVAC systems which must work tirelessly to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

At SRP Building Products, we provide high quality roofing and cladding that help reduce thermal leaking and improve the energy performance of buildings thereby decreasing operating costs, increasing tenant comfort, and decreasing environmental footprint.

Energy efficiency is becoming a critical factor in reducing operating costs and environmental impacts.

Our cool, solar and green roofing systems can improve your building's performance. We also offer stylish and high performance cladding products with rainscreen systems.

The right temperature, humidity levels and air quality create a productive and healthy work environment.

Our building envelope solutions optimize the performance of your project to reduce the burden on HVAC systems and reduce energy usage.

Our recycled and recyclable products reduce the impact of materials used during construction or retrofit.

The high performance and longevity of our roofing and cladding products reduce the operating impacts of your buildings.

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We are backed by 28 years of experience, proven performance, energy efficiency, sustainability and circular economy principles.

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