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SRP Building Products is a small company that produces big results. SRP is focused on the promotion of building envelope components. We have been servicing the Northern Ontario market for over 25 years. During this period, we have proudly associated ourselves with companies that share our same core values. Our objective is to match the expectations of our clients with the long term performance of our products. This performance, coupled with our extensive knowledge, allows us to be a valuable resource during the planning stages of projects. Our proven products, insightful advice and our association with quality applicators lead to successful projects.

Current Opportunities

Date Posted     Position
2022-02-08     Warehouse Shipper / Inside Sales (Stittsville, Ontario)

Commitment to Sustainability

The term Sustainability is being discussed and acted upon to various degrees of concentration. By definition it is an economic, social and environmental concept that involves meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. At SRP Building Products Inc., we have tried to associate ourselves with companies who take a holistic approach to the products they produce. We look for:

Products which have long term performance / long cycle life
Products which can be reused / recycled at the end of service life

...all the while being cost effective. We want to provide specifiers and building owners the ability to be socially conscious of the environment without causing financial strain for their decision.

Solar Powered Office

The explosion of the renewable energy market over the past few years, particularly in the solar industry, has been staggering. SRP Building Products Inc. has adopted a very straight forward approach to this market and whenever possible we encourage and support building owners in their efforts to control their own renewable energy and benefit from the rewards it offers.

SRP Building Products Inc. is the first company in North Bay, Ontario to engage in a FIT contract with the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) and North Bay Hydro for a roof top solar installation. The project has an energy capacity of 34kw and has produced as much as 250 kWh on the sunniest of days. The system should produce approximately 40,000 kWh annually.

Reclaiming and Recycling Our Products

It is hard to imagine what society would use to replace plastic products. Plastics are in everything from computers and cars to window frames and IV bags. Dr. Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, recently stated: “PVC is one of the most thoroughly tested plastics available. Alternates simply don't match the safety, affordability and flexibility of PVC”.

Sika Sarnafil has been manufacturing PVC roofing membranes internationally for over 40 years. Recently, Sika Sarnafil made a large investment in its North American facility and installed recycling equipment based upon the technology it has been using in Europe for over ten years. Sika Sarnafil now has the ability to offer building owners the advantage of recycling the roofing membrane once the roof has exceeded its service life.

Working with SRP Building Products

These numbers are only possible thanks to working with architects, contractors and building owners that understand the importance and value of implementing sustainability into their operations.

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