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Why Choose a Cool Roof?

Cool roofing
is a term you hear a lot these days with climate change becoming an ever growing concern. The reason cool roofs are increasing in popularity is that they help reduce the urban heat island effect.
A quality white roof like Sika Sarnafil deflects solar radiation instead of absorbing it like the typical dark coloured roof. This helps to reduce heating costs and contributes less to warming temperatures around cities.

Breeam Green Certification   Energy Star Certification   Green Globes Certification   LEED Certification   ISO 14001   Responsible Care   Net Zero Certification Net Zero Certification   NSF Certification

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Long Life

Proven performance in a Northern Climate with a life expectancy of over 35 years
Third Party BBA Report

Easy to Maintain

Only requires basic routine maintenance like cleaning debris from drains
Roof Maintenance Program

Save on Energy Costs

White roofs are proven to reflect sunlight and reduce cooling costs in the summer
Cool Roof Facts

Fire Resistant

Our roofing materials do not burn well thereby reducing fire damage
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Minimize waste by reusing materials and recycling membrane
Read Our Eco Process

Professionally Installed

Contractors are required to do training to become certified Sika Sarnafil installers
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Industry Leading Warranties

We offer up to a 30 year warranty for our roofing systems
30 Year Warranty

Made From Recycled Content

Our membranes are made from a portion of recycled membrane
Recycling Certificate


Waterproofing membranes can be recycled at their end-of-life
Recycling Brochure

Recent Roofing Projects

We are backed by 28 years of experience, proven performance, energy efficiency, sustainability and circular economy principles.

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