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Eco Roofing Process and Environmental Options

  • Reduce the Quantity of Material
  • Reuse Existing Materials that are Serviceable
  • Incease Energy Efficiency
  • Recycle Materials

Building owners and specifiers are increasingly looking towards more sustainable roofing options. Our eco roofing process involves reusing existing materials and recycling our membrane in order to minimize waste.

Over 25+ years ago, our clients started implementing more efficient and sustainable processes. Two years ago, they started enjoying the benefits.

Algoma District School Board along with the help of specifier, Bruce Caughill, had the forethought of altering their existing processes and purchasing decisions to decrease the material usage and costs of their future projects by choosing a Sika Sarnafil roof. The re-roofing of Central Algoma Secondary School used roughly 88% less new insulation, and over 90% of the waterproofing membrane was recycled while reducing the cost of the roof and future re-roofings.
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Environmental Certifications That Recognize Our EnergySmart® Roofing Systems

Breeam Green Certification   Energy Star Certification   Green Globes Certification   LEED Certification   ISO 14001   Responsible Care   Net Zero Certification Net Zero Certification   NSF Certification

Ecological Considerations for Building Envelopes

Reduce Waste

Reusing and recycling materials reduces the amount that goes to landfill.

Impact of Materials

Manufacturing uses up to 10% recycled membranes.

Circular Processes

Our membrane at the end of its useful life is recycled and made into new products.

Operating Energy

White roofs reflect sunlight and reduce the demands on HVAC units. Living roofs can further improve performance while solar roofs can generate energy.

Life Cycle & Longevity

The longer the life expectancy, the less materials you need.

Less Material

Less material and lighter weight products reduce load and waste.

Sustainable Roof Case Study

Central Algoma Secondary School


square feet

School Roof



age of roof



membrane recycled



reused insulation

Discover how our processes can reduce the cost and environmental impact of your building and become our next successful project.

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Sustainable Roofing Options

Cool Roofs and Energy Efficiency

Cool roofs reflect solar radiation instead of absorbing it which reduces the amount of energy required for air conditioning and maintaining the environment of your building. White Sika Sarnafil roofing membranes are among the most reflective roofing options and keep their quality for many years. There is a lot of interest in cool roofs because they reduce the heat island effect in cities and help mitigate climate change.

About Cool Roofs

Solar Roofs

Installing solar panels on rooftops contributes to reducing operating costs and environmental impact by generating energy on-site. With the prices of photovoltaic systems continually decreasing, this is becoming an increasingly attractive investment for private and public buildings. Our roofing solutions offer options for solar installations.

About Solar Roofs

Living or Green Roofs

A living or green roof involves adding a growing medium like soil and plants to your building rooftop. There are many benefits to green roofing from creating garden and meeting spaces on rooftops to filtering storm water, improving air quality and energy efficiency of your building. Our roofing systems can be used for green roof installations.

About Living Roofs

Material Re-use and Membrane Recycling

Our eco projects are able to significantly decrease the amount of materials and waste by using ecologically friendly processes and cicular economy principles including re-using materials that are still serviceable and recycling waste from the old roof.

Rooftop Safety is a Crucial Part of Design

SRP provides rooftop safety systems to reduce the incidence of injury and create safer working environments. It is important that rooftop safety policies are in place and all employees are trained on working at heights and provided with the appropriate equipment.

Even the experienced can suffer injuries or worse. Please ensure that all personel accessing the rooftop are properly trained, equiped and aware of possible hazards.

Here are some information resources from the Ministry of Labour.

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We are backed by 28 years of experience, proven performance, energy efficiency, sustainability and circular economy principles.

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