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Luxyclad Premium Aluminum Siding      

Where beauty, safety and dependability meet

  1. Enjoy the authenticity of real wood without the maintenance.
  2. LUXYCLAD looks beautiful, installs simply, and requires no maintenance.
  3. Offered as a complete rain screen system.
  4. Used for interior or exterior, creative visions become built environments that do not sacrifice quality, aesthetic, or intent.
  5. Endless aesthetic options and the durability of metal are the two elements combined to create this innovative cladding system


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Luxyclad Advantages

100% Canadian Made

  • Manufactured in Ontario

Elemental Resistance

  • Fire-resistant, non-combustible
  • Will not rot, warp, peel or oil can
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Insect resistant

10 Business Day Lead Time

Short lead time makes it easy to complete projects on time

Three Siding Styles

  • 4" / 6" V-Groove, 6" Channel
  • Seemless wall coverage: 24' siding board lengths
  • Splicer support piece for butt joints
  • Perforated soffit profile

Architectural Features

Wide variety of finishes and colours to match your vision.
Achieve the warmth and look of wood with the stability and low maintenance of metal.

Durable and Maintenance-Free

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Long life cycle
  • Powder coated and sublimated finishes, UV stable
  • Highly durable, rigid extruded aluminum
  • 100% architectural grade

Full Cladding System

  • Trim pieces available for full install
  • Rain screen clips for ventilated system
  • Easy and secure fastening

Environmentally Responsible

  • Made from up to 70% recycled material
  • Non-toxic
  • LEED credits


  • 100% recyclable high grade aluminum

Luxyclad Product Details

Our Unique Features

Compared to Wood

  • Does not rot, warp, or peel (no insect infestation)
  • Requires very little maintenance (just simple cleaning as outlined in installation guidelines)
  • Does not require any staining (the cost of staining natural wood, which may be initially cheaper to clad with, ends up being more expensive due to its maintenance)
  • Non-combustible; the look of wood with all the material properties, strength, stability, and low maintenance of metal (fire resistance allows for the look of wood to be integrated in buildings that would otherwise be non-compliant to the building code, such as commercial and institutional buildings that require non-combustible materials)

Compared to Longboard

  • 4" v-groove siding profile is 20% thicker
  • 6" v-groove siding profile is 30% thicker
  • Luxyclad is more durable and rigid and does not require a back support leg for siding profiles
  • Splicer support piece: not requiring a support leg allows us to insert our splicer piece (12' length) for seamless butt joints to support long runs of siding
  • More installer friendly: no taped ends allow for a ready to install product (installers do not need to cut off each end of every piece)
  • Additional trim pieces (Luxyclad offers both 1 and 2 piece corners depending on installer / aesthetic preferences)
  • Manufactured in Ontario (reduces shipping cost and times)
  • Sold by the piece without any minimum order requirements (Longboard has minimum order quantities and longer lead times)
  • 10 business day lead time for stock finishes

Profiles and Details

V-Groove Siding:

Width: 4" and 6"
Length: 24'
Detail (6") |


Width: 5/8"
Length: 12'

Finishing Strip:

Two piece: (base + cap)
Width: 1.7"
Length: 12'
Detail (cap)

Flat Trim:

Two piece: (base + cap)
Width: 1.7"
Length 12'
Detail (cap)

Inside corner:

Two piece: (base + cap)
Width: 1"
Length: 12'

Outside Corner:

Two Piece: (base+cap)
Width: 2"
Length: 12'

Ventilated V-Groove Soffit:

Width: 4"
Length: 12'

Rain-screen Clip:

Length: 1"

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We are backed by 28 years of experience, proven performance, energy efficiency, sustainability and circular economy principles.

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