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TCLIP™ System

Thermally-Broken Facade Structure

  • EA's patented TcLip™ is a key component of the holistic SYSTEM2 approach.

  • The thermal performance required to respect the various building codes in North America is achievable through the use of the TcLip™ and SYSTEM2.

  • An installers' favourite, the TcLip™ is versatile, dynamic and functions to address many aspects of building misalignment.

Key Attributes

  • Fewer clips - often half the number of clips vs other systems

  • Highest Effective R-Value among leading systems.

  • Insulation installed easily and completely

  • Adjustable for subwall misalignment; corrects poor framing easily.

  • Thermally broken facade; exceeds all standards in North America including Passive House standards.

  • Non-combustible construction.

  • Available in 5 sizes through 4" to 8" of insulation

REFERENCE: Morrison Hershfield Report included in the SYSTEM2-v2 Design Guide for R-Value performance.

SYSTEM2_Design Guide - Design Guide

The wall on the left shows a horizontal girt through the insulation, and the fact the girt is the same colour as the internal metal means heat is escaping the system.

System on the right is with TcLip™ and the external metal is cold, as cold as the exterior. No loss.

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