Frontek – Double Wall Porcelain

Made with extruded porcelain, it has excellent technical qualities for cladding ventilated facades and increases energy efficiency. A great hardness, lightness, high impact resistance and durability. Low water absorption and therefore, a magnificent behavior against climatic and environmental agents.

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Reduces Energy Costs

The use of porcelain tiles reduces air conditioning and heating consumption by up to 35%. Improves the rating of environmental certificates.

Improves insulation

Significantly reduces noise from the outside and also acts as insulation against solar radiation.

High Durability

Low water absorption of the FRONTEK piece gives the facade a high resistance to frost. In addition, it is highly resistant to scratches.

Easy installation

Easy to handle and easy to install thanks to its internal honeycomb structure and longitudinal slit, which facilitates its installation with all types of facade systems.

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean thanks to its resistance to stains and chemical product.